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Walnut Bread

One of the original flavours baked by artisan bread makers and still a classic. The health benefits of walnuts are now very well known (for men in particular!) so there are few tastier ways to improve your diet!


The ingredients is this are simple, walnuts and more walnuts! The base dough is the one used for the Farmhouse White and the walnuts are chopped coarsely before hand kneading into the dough.

Allergy Information

This bread obviously contains nuts!

Tastes Great With....

This bread is great on its own with a little butter but also toasted and drizzled with honey makes for a tasty treat.

Sandwich suggestion – Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese


Bloomer (600g) – £2.50

Lattice (300g) – £1.70

Baguette (250g) – £1.40

Rolls (100g) – £0.50

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