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Roast Garlic and Fresh Red Chilli

I started making this bread to accompany prawn pil pil which for those who don’t know is a Spanish tapas dish of fresh prawns cooked in olive oil laced with chunks of fresh garlic and chilli. The bread is used to scoop up a mixture of the prawns, oil, garlic and chilli and the bread flavour naturally enhances the combination. Be warned, it is hot, as I don’t remove the chilli seeds!


Using the base Farmhouse White dough I knead in chopped roast garlic and fresh red chillies before shaping and coating with poppy seeds.

Roasting the bulbs of garlic in the AGA before adding to the bread gives a more subtle and slightly sweeter garlic flavour which compliments the fire from the fresh chilli better than uncooked garlic.

Allergy Information

May contain traces of nuts.

Tastes Great With....

As mentioned earlier this bread is great for dipping in the Spanish tapas dish prawn pil pil but is can be used to spice up almost any meal! Is lovely dipped in oil and balsamic vinegar but great with chilli con carne or even curry as a substitute for naan bread.

Sandwich suggestion – Smoked Ham and Mustard


Bloomer(600g) – £2.50

Lattice (300g) – £1.70

Baguette (250g) – £1.40

Rolls (80g) –  £0.45


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