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Mixed Fresh Olive and Sun Dried Tomato

A taste of the Mediterranean! This is one of my most popular flavours and is great for picnics!


The mixed olives (fresh not from a jar!) are sliced and added to thinly sliced sun dried tomatoes before mixing into the base dough.  To ensure you get the full tomato flavour right through loaf I also added sundered tomato pesto to the base mix which gives the bread a nice subtle red colour as well.

Allergy Information

May contain traces of nuts.

Tastes Great With....

This flavour is really good for dipping in oil and balsamic vinegar and toasts very well !

Sandwich suggestion – Feta Cheese Salad


Bloomer (600g) – £2.50

Lattice (300g) – £1.70

Baguette (250g) – £1.40

Roll (80g) – £0.45

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