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Farmhouse White

Classic Farmhouse White Bread.


The Farmhouse White dough is used as the base for most of my breads and therefore it is extremely important it is tasty just by itself!

A high quality strong white flour is mixed with 10% seeded granary flour to give it a little more texture and flavour. To this is simply added butter, salt, water and yeast – that’s it!!

Each loaf is then lighted dusted with flour before baking to give it that classic Farmhouse bread appearance.

Allergy Information

May Contain Nut Traces

Tastes Great With....

We all know the versatility of a white loaf of bread but homemade bread brings this standard loaf to another level.  Thickly cut and toasted give a great crispy surface but soft centre which absorbs butter wonderfully!

Sandwich Suggestion – I’m sorry to all you vegetarians but a few slices of grilled bacon between thick sliced Farmhouse White bread must be one of the nicest snacks ever – and it only works with white bread! (Brown sauce optional


Large Bloomer/Loaf (800g) – £2.00

Baguette (250g) – £1.00

Rolls (80g) – £0.35

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