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Croissants and Pain au Chocolat

These all butter Croissant and Pain au Chocolat are not for the health conscious but taste gorgeous. Generally made to order on Saturday mornings these can be picked up from the shop still warm and an excellent accompaniment with Georgia’s homemade jams also on sale.


The dough is made using 100% organic white flour and blended with sugar to give a sweeter taste. The dough is then rolled several times over with a whole block of butter for each 10 croissant or Pain au Chocolat. The chocolate is 100% plain to give the classic strong flavour. Each croissant is then glazed with egg yolk to give the classic golden crispy top.

Allergy Information

May contain traces of nuts

Tastes Great With....

Homemade jam and maybe extra butter!?


Croissant – 50p each

Pain au Chocolat – 60p each

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