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Caramelised Red Onion and Balsamic Vinegar

I decided to give this flavour a go after using the caramelised onion as a base for a rich gravy. It is a very difficult bread to roll but the marble effect you get through the bread from the thinly sliced red onions is very effective and the strong flavour carries right through the loaf.


To start the red onions are halved and sliced and slowly sautéed in light olive oil until caramelised and the sweetness has started to appear. I then add the balsamic vinegar and turn the heat up to reduce until all the flavour has been absorbed into the onion. The mix is then allowed to cool to room temperature before kneading into the dough.

Allergy Information

May contain traces of nut.

Tastes Great With....

This flavour naturally lends itself to dipping into extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar but also works brilliantly with many flavours of soup.

The rolls are perfect for hot dogs- especially when mustard seeds are added (see this flavour separately)

Sandwich suggestion – Sliced Beef and Horseradish or Sausage Sandwich (with brown sauce!)




Bloomer (600g) – £2.50

Lattice (300g) – £1.70

Baguette (250g) – £1.40

Rolls (80g) – £0.45

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