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Blue Stilton

Blue Stilton Bread Lincoln

Being a big fan of blue cheese this is one of the first flavours I started to make for myself. It is possible to use other blue cheeses but they can be too strong and Blue Stilton (although expensive), does give the right combination of flavour and subtlety.


The ingredients in this loaf are simple – just crumbled Blue Stilton!

The crumbled cheese is gently hand kneaded into the farmhouse white base dough and mixed until some of pieces has been absorbed into dough but still chunks of Stilton remain to give those little pockets of added flavour. All loaves are then sprinkled with poppy seeds.

Allergy Information

May contain traces of nuts.

Tastes Great With....

As you might expect this flavour will compliment any blue cheese either as bread or lightly toasted. It also goes great with the light vegetable soups such as carrot or broccoli and Stilton.

Sandwich Suggestion – Brie and Cranberry Sauce


Bloomer (600g) – £2.50

Lattice (300g) – £1.70

Baguette (250g) – £1.40

Rolls (80g) – £0.45

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